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4th Annual Artfully Sweet

4th Annual Artfully Sweet

Showcasing magnificent views of the Las Vegas Valley, this year’s 4th annual “Artfully Sweet” fundraiser took place at a private Southern Highlands home. The event benefited Southern Nevada Children First , a transitional living program that assists homeless, pregnant and parenting teens focusing on developing the skills necessary to transition into self-sufficiency. Guests of the event took in breathtaking live performances and a silent auction featuring unique items and luxury packages. In addition, some of Las Vegas’ pastry chefs provided delicious desserts and well-known local and global artists showcased their talents.

 One artist on display was Rodolfo Escalera. In the picture below, his proud family stands in front of “The All American Game”; a piece painted as the result of a personal dare. An art critic once wrote a review of the Mexican artist, stating he was “stuck in his genre” and “could only paint Latin American-type Art.” After reading the review, Escalera took this as an attack on this talent and wanted to prove to the world that he was not “limited” by any genre, thus “The All American Game” was born.  For more information check out the article in the Examiner about the 4th Annual Artfully sweet.

4th-annual-artfully-sweet-southern-highlands-escalera-art-family-las-vegas.jpg  4th-annual-artfully-sweet-southern-highlands-las-vegas.jpg 

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Siblings Release Their Late Father's Fine Art


The Escalera Art family has held the works of their family’s Patriarch, artist, Rodolfo Escalera, since his passing in 2000.  “Though the originals could have been offered for sale,” the artist’s son, Rodolfo Escalera lll, shared, “we were approached to make high end Giclée Reproductions available.” The family believes the advantage of quality reproductions for the art buyer is, desired sizes may be digitally reproduced to meet the demands in any home,  commercial, or institutional environment.


Born in Mexico in 1929, Rodolfo Escalera Sr. moved with his young family to America where he worked as a prolific commercial artist. He continued to paint, perfecting his use of the very small double zero (00) brushes to achieve a near photo-realistic visual experience in all his work. “My father became known for his detailed replication of faces, and hands, in all his many paintings featuring the human form.” said the artist's 2nd son, Roberto Escalera. 

A June 2011 “3 Venues 3 Weekend Exhibit” is scheduled in the Greater Phoenix area. The events are also to be a model for other U.S. cities, as well aso for Canada and Mexico. A 2012 summer European Tour 2012 is also planned. Jose Andres Giron, a local Valley fine artist, has been retained as the Art Curator for the 3 Valley Art Exhibit Events.

The artist’s daughter, Laura Escalera Presutto, revealed; “We have a special debut selection that includes landscapes, wild life, still life, and several paintings of people in various real life settings.”

Each event will have a special side-by-side presentation of a selected original with its 1:1 (one to one) matching Giclée reproduction. The Valley’s Hall of Frames is the exclusive framing provider.

Image Craft, a Valley based Fine Art digital reproduction company, has been selected as the exclusive National fine art reproduction provider. An added event attraction will be a 7ft. x 10ft. cloth drape of "The Well" 1995 (24 x 16) to reveal the detail capable in large format based on the artist's unique painting detail  mastery.

Each of the scheduled “3 Venues 3 Weekend Exhibit” events are open to the public. For specific times and receptions, please visit EscalerArt.com, or call Mike Scully. 602-754-9262 


The  June 2010 & July "3 Venue 3 Weekend Exhibit" dates are:

1. June 15th –18th  (Wednesday thru Saturday) at the Downtown Galeria 147. 147 E. Adams, Phoenix AZ.

2. June 22nd – 25th (Wednesday thru Sunday) at the Hall of Frames Scottsdale Towne Center. 15560 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ.

3. June 29th-July 1st (Wednesday thru Sunday) at Hall of Frames / Chandler.
3454 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler AZ.

For other specific receptiont times, and receptions, visit EscaleraArt.com. 

Event Reception Schedule:
Opening Day at Galeria 147, June 15th.
11:AM to 1:PM Press Reception & Luncheon.

1:00 to 4:PM Downtown Ambassadors &
Downtown Partnership Reception & Luncheon.

Friday, June 17th
Public Exhibit Reception, 6:PM to 8:PM
Hors d'oeuvres + special Southwestern fare & wines

Hall Of Frames Exhibit Receptions.
Press & Public Receptions T.B.A. (To be announced).
Hors d'oeuvres + special Southwestern fare & wines


Links to companies or individuals mentioned in the above
Escalera Art    Hall of Frames   Image Craft   Jose Andres Giron   Galeria 147   Scully Design    Giclée


A May 20th, 2011 Exhibit Preview. Commentary by Art Curator Jose Andres Giron

Commentary on Rio Suchiate



This original oil painting depicts Mexican and Guatemalan natives bartering, and trading along the Rio Suchiate. Escalera was driven to capture the beauty of this event after traveling to the Mexican state of Chiapas where this annual event takes place. Escalera loved to take photographs of Latin culture, later Escalera would use these photographs as the inspiration for his artwork. Ironically this oil painting has often been mistaken for a photograph itself. 


The beautiful colors and the detailed stitch work of the women's clothing are the result of Escalera’s unparalleled attention to detail. Only a few square inches of canvas could take days, sometimes weeks for him to paint. Escalera mixed and created all of his own colors and was know to paint over a completed section until the colors were just right. 


Using "00" paintbrushes and taking thousands of hours to create, Escalera has captured a snapshot in time, transporting the viewer to the Rio Suchiate. See more at Escalera Art.com

Commentary on El Piropo



This piece of Mexican art is a portrait of Antonio Aguilar and  Flor Silvestre the famous mexican singer and actress. “El Piropo is currently on display at the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center through the month of November.


The veins on the horse’s legs and the hair on its body are an excellent example of Escalera’s ability to capture the natural beauty of an animal and make it come to life on canvas.One interesting fact about this piece is that there are over 1600 individual cobblestones on the road. Escalera is said to have known the exact number. 


El Piropo is one of Escalera’s five masterpieces. He worked on the five paintings off and on throughout the course of twenty years completing many other works as well, but always returning to the five. Find out more at Escalera Art.com

Legal vs. Illegal Immigration

This is the true story of a legal immigrant and how he loved America. Today’s fervor over this issue has become headline news while the truth is overwhelmed by emotion. As Congress continues to debate ways to address illegal immigration, we must remember the many hard-working legal immigrants that contribute so much to our nation's economy and culture. This is the story of one such man.


Rodolfo Escalera was from humble beginnings, born in a small town, Lerdo Durango, Mexico. His father, an inventor and artist in his own right and his mother a full-time homemaker. An only son with two older sisters he was raised with an excellent work ethic. In his late teens his father passed away from a massive heart attack leaving him to step-up and fill the “man of the house” shoes. Shortly after his fathers passing his mother announced to her family that she was making arrangements for the family to move to the “land of opportunity”, the United States of America, to embark on a fresh start and a new life. She went through all the legal channels to prepare her children’s immigration papers as well as those of her own, wanting to do things correctly and just. Keep in mind that none of them could speak a word of English but all were determined to succeed.


Escalera knowing that he had to do his part to help support the family promptly secured a job as a dish washer, all the while listening to American radio and after hours watching American TV so as to learn the English language. From there he went on to work as a theatre attendant and was able to watch and listen to American movies all along picking up on the English language. For him it was not an option but a matter of survival. He was an immigrant in a foreign land and he knew that he had to play by the rules that applied there and learning the language was of paramount importance. He eventually was able to secure his “dream job” working in a commercial art company where he could actually apply his skills and get paid for it! With this new job came his opportunity to return to Mexico and marry his childhood sweetheart who had also already prepared for her legal passage into this great country. They married in Mexico and returned to their new home which they rented in Los Angeles California.


The rest as they say is history… Escalera went on build a beautiful family with his wife Susana as well as a successful commercial art business which afforded him the opportunity to place all his children in private schools, a nice home in the suburbs, new cars every few years, wonderful vacations etc… he truly realized the American Dream!


When asked about this country he would wax poetically as it being the greatest country in the world and one that early in his residence here had actually taken steps to fight for in its defense, having joined the US Army during a period of war only to be honorably, medically discharged before he saw any action.


He would defend this country passionately with his opinions and never understood the groups who would defend the rights of those who were here illegally. “This is our country” he would say, “and if you want to be here, then damnit, you need to be here legally or get out, go home until you can be here the right way” He would fume over seeing his tax dollars being channeled to those who were undeserving. He was all for immigration, its part of what makes this country so awesome, it just had to be legal immigration where all of our ways were respected and upheld. Anything less was unacceptable, not to be tolerated, and those who opposed had the freedom to go back from where they came from if they did not like it...

Commentary on "On Guard"


The Bald Eagle in this painting represents the strength and vigilance of the United States and the fundamental ideas of freedom and opportunity.  The eagle chicks represent innocence, more specifically every man, woman, and child who seek to live a life of freedom in which they have the inherent right to choose how they will live. The Viper is a classic symbol of evil. Here it represents the people and groups in this world that seek to attack or oppress the innocent. 





    “It is said the eagle was used as a national emblem because, at one of the first battles of the Revolution the noise of the struggle awoke the sleeping eagles on the heights and they flew from their nests and circled about over the heads of the fighting men, all the while giving vent to their raucous cries. "They are shrieking for Freedom," said the patriots.


    Thus the eagle, full of the boundless spirit of freedom, living above the valleys, strong and powerful in his might, has become the national emblem of a country that offers freedom in word and thought and an opportunity for a full and free expansion into the boundless space of the future.”

-Maude M. Grant


    Escalera was a patriot who loved his country. He worked hard to come to America legally and make a life for himself in the land of opportunity. Escalera was a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States looking for the opportunity to work for a better life. Escalera’s life was by no means a story of “rags to riches” in the sense of monetary value, but in quality of life. In many ways Escalera represented the American dream. After becoming a US citizen Escalera worked as a common dishwasher, eventually he worked his way to becoming a private business owner. 


    When Escalera was commissioned to create this Oil Painting he wanted to capture how he saw America, the country that gave him his opportunity… fierce protector of human rights and dignity. 

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