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The Aztec Calendar is one of the ancient world’s greatest wonders. A magnificent display of astrological understanding by a long ago past native civilization, the Aztec Indians. Escalera was enthralled by its history and splendor and was proud to embrace its historical value. A significant part of his Mexican heritage he marries the Calendar with the Eagle and beautifully portrays the true pride and joy he felt in his heart and soul for his people. In his research for the piece, Escalera visited a taxidermist friend and was able to analyze and study an actual eagle feather so as to perfectly capture the texture and detail on canvas. 



Fun Fact: 
Escalera had actually completed the painting, but later decided it lacked color and vibrancy so he wiped out the original rendering, started over, and gave us what we see today. Once again proving he painted to satisfy his own personal creative expression and would not allow complacency to set in regardless of the cost or time involved.

Aztec Calendar

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