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Another common scene found in the jungles of Mexico. Of course Escalera took some “artistic creative liberties” with his rendering but the scene, what the women are doing and how, is actually quite common and one that he saw and experienced first hand. The original name was “the hour of gossip” and later shortened to “Gossip” or “El Chisme” in Spanish. Women congregating making a meal and “gossiping” amongst themselves. Perhaps about the gal in the rear hut? Maybe, maybe not. Let YOUR imagination run with the narrative.

Fun fact - Escalera travelled extensively across Mexico throughout his life. His  vacations took him and his family, crisscrossing from top to bottom and ALL by car. Driving across the country would allow him to see things up close and personal and gave him the ability to stop whenever and wherever he wanted to. Always armed with his ever present camera he would literally take thousands of photos all in the name of his insatiable curiosity and as part of his research and inspiration for future paintings.


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