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Jaguars are elusive, solitary and largely nocturnal. However a mother's bond with her cubs is awe-inspiring. Even though the young become independent between 18-24 months, the mother may continue to share kills with her offspring until they become totally self-sufficient. The protective mother takes a cautious sip. Her fierce green eyes look through the painting, almost as if she sees you.  


The challenge was for Escalera to perfectly capture the “reflection” of the mother Jaguar which he did with uncanny accuracy. During the process he kept having to turn the canvas upside down and then upside right to capture the reflection perfectly. As was his custom, he never rushed through a piece and if something wasn’t absolutely to his liking he would not think twice in whiting something out and starting over until he was 100% satisfied. This piece was a particular challenge in capturing the reflection just right. We think he did!




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